Our Commitment

We make our bittersweet aperitifs at our very own distillery in Kettlesing, Yorkshire, where we control every nuance of the making, from selecting each botanical through to blending and bottling.

For us the essence of being a successful brand is more than just making tasty drinks. Sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do, and we’re committed to doing things in an ethical, transparent, and responsible way. Check out some of the stuff that makes Sommer sustainable.

Raspberry Bush

Wonky Fruit

We use what’s called wonky fruit for our bittersweet aperitifs, which is perfectly good fruit, but it might look a little wonky, lopsided, or bumpy. We’re giving it purpose and saving it from going to waste. No fruit left behind!



Paper-only Packaging

Plastic? Not for us! We are all about finding alternative packaging solutions to fight plastic pollution. For both trade and website orders, we use an innovative honeycomb packaging sleeve made entirely of paper. It’s 100% plastic free and totally sustainable.


The herbs and spices we use to make our aperitifs are all ethically sourced, meaning the suppliers we work with support biodiversity and protect ecosystems.

Once we’ve finished with them, instead of throwing them away we pass them to a local smokehouse who make the finest range of smoked fish, poultry and cheese!

Local Suppliers

We’ve joined forces with some awesome local manufacturers within a 20-mile radius of our distillery. They’re the ones making the glass bottles and stunning labels. By keeping things local, we are reducing our carbon footprint and helping our local community thrive.

We’re always looking for ways to be even better. By using imperfectly perfect fruit, ditching plastic packaging, teaming up with local manufacturers, and souring our botanicals ethically, we’re showing our commitment to sustainability and doing our part for a greener future.

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