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– WHAT (product, product education, purpose)


Deliciously complex flavours

for straightforward good times


Welcome to a distinctively fruity take on the bittersweet aperitif.

Through uplifting expressions of rhubarb and other compelling

ingredients, we’re blowing the dust off this famously chic liqueur

experience and whisking it into the here and now.


Traditionally, the bittersweet aperitif is sipped before a formal meal.

Our approach is more straightforward. Sommer is your cue to

unhunch your shoulders, unleash your smile and get in the mood

for a fabulous time. No bow tie, no little black dress, no stiff upper

lip required.




– WHY (why we exist, RTB, info on name)


Let’s get unserious


We take everything that’s wonderful about the bittersweet aperitif

– complexity of method and ingredients, elegantly moreish flavours –

and express it with our own lighthearted flourish. Why? Just because.

In fact our name Sommer literally means just because. Life’s for living

not overthinking.




– WHO (two likeminded friends) & WHERE (Yorkshire)


Recipe for success


Richard and Dan, our founding craftsmen, are long-time pals from Yorkshire.

“Our shared passion for the bittersweet aperitif led us to create a range for

people like us – people who are serious about high quality drinks, and who

want to enjoy them with good friends”.


Developed, crafted and produced at our Yorkshire distillery, we use local

ingredients wherever we can. Even if we can’t get our hands on good local

produce, every single ingredient is always sourced thoughtfully and responsibly.




– WHEN (drinking occasions)


Spritz it up


Elegantly low in ABV, Sommer is match-made for the spritz (check out our perfect

serve below) and suits any occasion – a lunchtime tipple on the terrace, straight

after work, or into the evening and beyond.






Made by friends, for friends.

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